Private school guilt

Hi Brooke and coaches: I am struggling big time with where to send my son to kindergarten. We could send him to private school, and just barely afford it. i.e. we would have to use the credit card on other expenses, and cut back in other ways. It would be a big sacrifice, but we could do it. And the school we have in mind is amazing, the administration seems very thoughtful, the teachers are super engaged, the kids seem happy, etc. and I think he would thrive there. However, I have guilt about being a white parent of a white son and sending him to a school where his peers would be affluent and mostly white. Like, I have a responsibility to help not perpetuate entitled white people in this world where the majority of people in leadership positions across industries are (still) white men. Clearly, I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about this. And because of all my thoughts and feelings, I’m having a hard time making a decision about if/where to even apply. Should I just do models on all the thoughts that come up around this, and hope that provides some clarity about how to move forward? Thank you!