Proactivation Thought Work

Hi Brooke,

I LOVE today’s podcast on Proactivation. I am going to adopt the idea of getting a lot done in a short amount of time upfront. I would like to shift my thinking in order to do this from a place of excitement for my life vs apathy and then stress, scattered and overwhelm when I approach the deadline.

Current Model:
C – Deadline on Project in 2 Weeks
T – I can wait to get this done. I don’t feel like doing it right now.
F – Apathetic
A – Not care, procrastinate and stall until last minute
R – Do it with overwhelm and panic

New Model
C – Deadline on Project in 2 Weeks
T – I am going to show up in my life today. Doing this work matters. I want to give my future self the gift of time.
F – Care, It Matters
A – Schedule time on the calendar and produce the results I need ahead of time
R – Get it done and have time to perfect it if needed

Any other thoughts to help with shifting my mindset?