Problem with being consistent

Hello, dear Brooke,

consistency and I are not friends.
It goes for everything: from exercising to marketing activities for my company. Repeated tasks that I have to perform on a regular basis with a long waiting time frame before I can see some results.
I will always start strong and will never finish. My best track record is 2½ weeks.

I am not a coach and it’s only a month ago I have discovered you when I’ve signed up in blind. So the model is totally new for me. But here what I came up with.
I understand from the materials that I have watched so far, that motivation is a question of commitment. And I feel that I am motivated and committed when I start something…. then obviously not enough…

C: not consistent / do not do what I suppose to do on a regular basis

F: I feel discouraged and insulted (you are welcome to enjoy a good LOL about this feeling)

T: the thought that causes this feeling is “I do not see any results that make sense / or can justify that I spend the time and efforts on this”

A: why bother

R: no consistent marketing -> no sales / no exercising -> pain in the back

And I really do feel insulted for spending = wasting my time and not getting any immediate results.

What can I think instead or what can I do about the motivation so that I will be less depended on seeing the immediate results that for me is prerequisite for making sense of the efforts???

Thanks so much in advance.