Problem with sister

Hi Coaches,

I can’t seem to get my thoughts under control about my sister. We started a business together a few years ago, and its never really gone anywhere. So when I joined Scholars, I focused on that, and I’ve found amazing energy and will to get things done. The thought I need help with is that my sister is not pulling her weight. I am now doing 2/3rds and she does 1/3. Of course in the grand scheme of things this doesn’t matter, she’s my sister, she can only do what she can do- but on the other hand- It’s a business. I want to make money. She does too, but she doesn’t want do any selling. This leaves me with all the content creating and the selling. (both of which I am happy to do) She manages our website, which just sits there, few visitors and no customers, but she did create it and does organize it. But then, why am I in business with her ? I know I should be doing thought downloads but I don’t even know where to begin. Thank you for your help, I appreciate it so much !