Problems finding my Result line

I have done many models on myself and often cannot realize my result line……for example….
C: I saw Ava (my 10 year old granddaughter) on Tictok
T: she is way too young to be tictoking
F: Upset
A: Judge myself…..I should be more in her life to influence her to not be tiktoking
Judge her mom…she should be monitoring what Ava is doing more
Judge her dad….he should be on making sure mom is more involved
I am not reaching out to Ava more and being a good Grammie…..(she is a 12hr drive away)
R: ???? Ava is still tiktoking, I am still upset
I understand that there is an intentional model to work here….just wondering good words for the result line.

Another example:
C: Yvonne wrote…lol….you are going to Life Coach School
T: That is not funny
F: Hurt
A: Want to snub her, keep looping the thoughts she is supposed to be a good friend, why does she not take this seriously, why does she think its funny that I am going to LCS, want to take my investments and (she is my investment advisor) invest elsewhere to hurt her, start to doubt myself
R: ????? I am still hurt

I am not sure how to get the result line. Am I over thinking this? Your help will be appreciated.