I am in the process of learning how to feel my feelings instead of eating. This is new and difficult area for me. I can define what emotion I feel ( and where). But later, when I allow vibrations in my body I feel fear and stop the process. I was searching for the reason why – and I thought that these vibrations are alike to the vibrations I used to have with my serious hypoglycemia ( I did lose consciousness twice). My doctor told me I should never allow for this in the future. Summing up – could you please describe to me, what should I feel in the next phases after vibrations and how the whole process of “digesting emotions” looks like in details. Also could you be so kind and advice how to avid the panic appearing when feeling vibrations and stay in the process to the end. I know that my brain is cheating me, but I do not know what to do when it happens. Thank you very much – I am sure that if I will learn this my weight loss results will appear soon.