Procastinating like crazy

Uhh I can’t stop procrastinating. It’s like I don’t even want to do the work anymore. I feel dull and uninspired. I don’t like getting out of bed. I don’t schedule things anymore. I stop creating content for business. I sleep most of the time. I watch videos or listen to podcasts. I am constantly busy in my mind. And I hate it.

If this is my model
C – Plan to write social media posts daily, meet new people, try out new things in business – my body feels tired, low energy, eyes tired, not enthusiasm
T – I don’t feel like working
F – Dull
A – Not work, just stay unconscious
R- I don’t create desire to work

I just feel like I have no control when it comes to desire and energy and motivation to work. Yeah, I know my thoughts create all those emotions but trying to believe a new thought just doesn’t seem to be working, Just because I think something else doesn’t guarantee that I can create the emotion.

Even when I know my thoughts create my feelings, I still feel like I have no power over it whatsoever because all these thoughts and all these feelings are so automatic and just the process to create a new emotion is so hard and ineffective in most cases.