processing a feeling vs. processing an urge

Hi Coaches,

thanks to your great work I am finally understanding how I can process an emotion without buffering it.

I see emotions as simple “vibrations in my body”. So I ask myself:
1. Where in my body can I sense the vibration?
2. What is the “unpleasant” thing about it?
3. On a scale of 1-10, how painful is it?

Compared with other physical pain that I experienced in my life (e. g. giving birth) it makes me realize that my emtotions are just a `1“ and therefore nothing to run away from. So I do not need to buffer them, I can simply feel them!

That´s great 🙂

When it comes to urges though, I find it much more challenging to experience the urge.

The thing is, I can simply not feel the urge in my body. The urge is a “0”. It is simply a thought in my head (like “I want bread.”). I am trying to see my lower brain talking here and not believing my primitive brain. But I have to use a lot of willpower here. And then, when I am tired and exhausted, I give up and eat the bread.

I know, our thoughts create feelings. So the thought “I want bread” makes me feel greedy. But there is no sensation in my body at all, just my mind that starts obsessing.

Any suggestions how I can use the same “trick” that I use with emotions on my urges for bread?