Processing an urge

So, I know that right now I am experiencing an urge to eat when I am not hungry.

C Urge
T I can handle the feeling of an urge
F More spacious, more relaxed, but urge is still there
A Come onto SCS and write about it
R I handle the feeling of an urge and practice allowing it

C Urge
T I can choose to be present with the urge, no matter how hard it feels. I can feel “hard things”.
F More confident
A Continue to write on SCS
R Continue to be present with urge

C Urge
T I have to figure out what’s causing this urge so I can fix it
F Conflicted
A Continue writing on SCS
R I don’t know, but I can see that this isn’t a thought that really serves me.

Which I think might bring me to my question – do I really have to “figure out” what’s causing the urge? Because I do kind of know what’s going on. I am berating myself for something that I said, or didn’t say, and am making up stories about what it means about me.

C Customer shook his head at me and said words
T I don’t know how to do my job properly, I am being “found out”
F Anxiety, shame… It’s the feeling that’s comes from imposter syndrome, I think.
A Walked into kitchen to eat, then walked to computer to write on SCS
R Binge avoided….I am “finding out” about myself and my brain by not overeating.

Is there any other feedback you’d recommend for my processing?