Processing emotion from a difficult event VS thinking a new thought

I have struggled with this concept. Sometimes the model seems trite. I had a coaching call with one of your coaches the other night and asked this question. He didn’t have a good answer. Often it feels like the quick fix is to say, “Your thinking is what is causing the problem.” But what if the issue that caused the thinking continues to bring up negative emotion? When is it important to honor the grief process and when is it time to “think a new thought?”

I will be more specific. I lost over $10k last year by investing in a coaching program that turned out to be a fraud. I did not have the money to lose. It was on a credit card. I was devastated. I have done a ton of work around this with being coached and dozens of models. I am planning to sign up for Brooke’s coach training next March. It’s what I should have done to begin with so I have beat myself to a pulp by regretting my error.

It seems like I am over it and then the fear of investing a large chunk of money creeps back in again. I lost confidence in myself and my ability to make wise decisions. I felt like I was impulsive and did not vet out the other program. I know The Life Coach School is 100% legit, it’s my own self-confidence I struggle with. Can I make this work? Ughhh….