Processing emotion the next day

Last night I hosted a mini firework display for the neighborhood. I ended up enjoying the fireworks, but not the company of my neighbors/friends since I was busy setting off all the fireworks. I ended the night upset, feeling underappreciated and jealous watching all the neighbors enjoying each other’s company in different huddles while I felt alone and left out being the source of entertainment and doing all the work.

I cried and worked out my thoughts with my husband realized they were illogical. Even discussed ways I could change the situation for myself next time. I did not do a thought download and we watched tv to escape. Today I want to process this further. Emotions don’t feel as intense today nor do I really feel those feelings anymore. Since I know I can’t control others (it’s empowering to have that off my shoulders). Is it helpful to do the models since I escaped last night with tv and probably didn’t feel the emotion to the end. I actually didn’t even process which particular emotion I was crying about.

My end goal is to believe I host events like this for the neighbors as gift to foster community between all even when I don’t feel like I got to engage in the conversation and joy of that community the way I want to.