Processing emotion and thought changing

I have an interview coming up, and I experienced anxiety tonight after finding out that my babysitting plans for my children fell through. The interview isn’t for another week, but I didn’t have any immediate options, and I felt anxiety that I couldn’t quickly find a babysitter for them. I had a hard time focusing on my children while I was feeling anxious, and I was more impatient than usual. I quickly noticed my anxiety, and didn’t like how it was effecting my interaction with my children. I continued to try to change my thoughts from “I can’t find a babysitter, what if I don’t find one.” to “things will work out, they always do. I have plenty of time to find a babysitter.” I continued to repeat these thoughts to myself throughout the evening, but my anxiety never cleared up until I found a babysitter a few hours later. I wish that I could have overcome the anxiety without “solving” the problem. Any suggestions on how I could have made the situation better? I kept trying to change my thoughts, but when that didn’t work, I repeatedly told myself “I’m feeling anxiety. Anxiety is okay. Anxiety won’t kill me.” But again, the anxiety didn’t go away until the circumstance changed–not my thoughts. Any thoughts? Thanks Brooke!