Processing emotions and nausea

Hi there coaches!

I’m working on feeling my emotions, and today I tried to sit with my emotions in two separate instances. In both instances, I started feeling nausea to the point of gagging and dry heaving. I don’t doubt that I would have eventually vomited if I hadn’t just switched my thoughts away from focusing on the vibration/feeling and started resisting again (at least I am guessing it was to resistance).

Should I be concerned that there is something else going on? The nausea disappeared once I switched to distracting myself from the feeling, so I am associating them together; but the description of feelings as a vibration in the body seems counter to the idea that a feeling would cause me to feel physically sick.

Do some emotions go from vibration into physical nausea? I feel like learning to feel is some of the most (perhaps even THE most) important work I will ever do, and I’d love some insight on where to go from here.

Thank you so much!