Processing emotions and time


I have been shocked yesterday in my dating life, nothing horrible but I was in a virtual relationship with some guy for several days and it worked really well, we met once and spent a really great moment. The second time we almost had sex but it didn’t work for him, then he felt bad and he left telling me that he was not ready, still in pain with an old relationship.

I stayed 2 hours in my bed crying yesterday night. It was just like I lost someone very important for me and I don’t understand why it is so intense. Since then, I tried to allow and process this pain but I felt bad all day, just like if I am sick, I didn’t do my work, I feel pain in my whole body, cry a lot. I question myself why my emotions takes so long to be processed ? I heard a lot of times Brooke or other coaches talking about something like minutes.

I did some model on the situation and the painful thoughts that I have are creating rejection, heart broken, insecurity, shame. Then all the guilt of not having the capacity to work today, feel weak and sad. Thanks for your help.