Processing the death of a loved one

Are there any resources in the Study Vault related to processing the death of a loved one?

An ex-boyfriend took his own life some years ago. It was many years after we’d split up. I found out about it 6 years after it happened. At that time I didn’t go through any real grieving. But now (14 years since his death), for some reason, I find myself processing so much emotion about it. I happened to find a video of him last weekend. Since then, I’ve been experiencing waves of grief, heartache, and longing to remember more details about our time together. He and I were together in our early twenties, for about 2 years. I ended the relationship because he had a drinking problem. I did not stay in touch with him. Now I feel some regret that I didn’t ever speak with him again, and won’t have an opportunity to.

C: He committed suicide.
T: He must have really been suffering
F: Grief
A: Cry, remember how it felt when he and I were together, allow emotion, feel compassion for him, and for me, search for details on things we did, places we visited, talk to friends I had at that time, reminisce. Put other things on hold while I go through this.
R: I support myself through this grieving process

While all this is happening, I am also concerned that I may be indulging in the emotion. I haven’t done very much else this week (it’s Thursday). Would it serve me more to try to stop myself from thinking about it, and focus on something productive? I know I have to answer that for myself, but if you have any recommendations, I’d appreciate hearing them.

Thanks so much.