procrastinating on planning/organizing

I feel like I have a messy life and basically it comes from my belief that “I’m just not an organized person. I’m a creative.” The thing is that because of this I have difficulties with handling everything in my life because I don’t plan and I just do things as they come or what I remember. Or very urgent tasks. I know that if I manage to plan I will focus and I will gain more time and less worries. So I have decided to sit down and plan my day and week and see my focus etc. But when I sat down…I was just not into it. This happened every time I tried to plan. I started buffering and buffering or buying agendas or apps that I don’t manage to use because they’re too demanding/too consuming.

I decided to do a model on this but it’s hard to stick to one sentence for the thought line and I’m not sure I’m doing this correctly. Could you please give me some guidance on this?

C Make a planning of the week
T It’s useless. I don’t know how to plan and it will take forever.
F Discouraged
A I buffer
R I don’t have a planning, my life is messy and I am always complaining about time and forgetting things and being just in late.

The intentional model
C make a planning of the week
T Planning is a skill that can be learned
F Determined
A Go to study vault and read and do organizing life and mind and monday hour one
R confident that I will plan