I’ve been an almost always procrastinator for decades. I’ve made progress when I have coaching. I procrastinate on doing things, by doing menial tasks, instead of what I truly know will work for me. I have about 15 self-care habits I have written down and the odd time follow some of them. Eg. Easy yoga, short meditation, warm n stretch, reading a 20-minute passage of a positive self-development book, or audio listening.

Now with the Model with the 5 letters:
Shall I do a thought download with several dozen procrastinating things, and choose one of them to write in, possibly, Circumstance. Facts only. I know. Then to fill out the Model as best I can. This Model would be a negative look at this one thing, I know. Then I believe I take a second sheet and use a more positive approach to raise my consciousness, so I can see the possibility of improvement, then continue to climb my way out of that one thing.

And doing this to fruition proves to me that this system works, and gives me hope and relief to know I’m leading myself on active solutions to find my way to actively seek more Thought Downloads to bring many more procrastinating things to mind.

I believe what, Brooke says is to work them out one by one to have control over having a positive self-fulfilling lifestyle.