Hi… I have a problem with procrastinating. This is big time since it makes me stuck. Doing models on it, i came to a thought of “i have enough time” and then i continue to procrastinate and buffer until the day ends and the following day is the same. I tried other thoughts like “i should use my time wisely” and “time is precious, you have to use it effectively” and other thoughts that have “should / have to / need to” in them and they don’t resonate with me instead further create resistance.

I would like to ask for some guidance on how to go about this, steps that i can take? What other thoughts can you suggest? Is procrastinating the same as buffering? Being in scholars for 3 months, i’ve learned a lot that changed my life into better. But this is one area im having a tough time tackling with. I know that there are a lot of podcasts/discussions about buffering (not sure if its the same as procrastinating) but currently my mind is going the route of overwhelm and i dont know.

Thank you for all your wonderful works.