Procrastination Issue

Okay, so I’m kind of in a desperate situation and need your help. My business is tanking right now and I just got hit by a massive tax bill. So I really REALLY need to make a lot of money – like now. I’m currently working on a webinar for a new project – that I’m hoping will bring in enough money to pay the bills. However, I’m feeling incredibly STUCK as I try to create these webinar slides. In the past, my last few webinars did $0. They took a long time to create (2 to 3 weeks) and then pulled next to nothing in sales. Each time I do a new webinar, it takes longer because my mind is yelling at me “You’re wasting your time! This won’t work!” – which seems funny as I type this, because they don’t ultimately work – which does waste my time. Hmmm…

I’m following the webinar outline in Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets – so I’ve got a solid template to follow, but my brain LITERALLY feels like it’s holding onto a metal railing with a death grip and I’m trying to pull it off to DO the work. Every time I take a tiny step, it revolts. I know why I can’t do it. I have the belief that this webinar, too, will fail – so why waste my time. And with so much riding on the success of this webinar – it’s creating massive pressure for it to work. I’m having a hard time finding a thought that silences the screams of “You’re wasting your time! This feels terrible! Go eat something!”. All of my “You can do it!” and “The last failures were just flukes” and “If this fails, you can always live under a bridge” isn’t sparking my motivation to create the webinar.

I know I can’t control the outcome, but I do need to get this webinar done. If I could create MULTIPLE webinars and more projects faster, I know that’s the key to finding something that works. Instead, each failure is slowing me down – not speeding me up.

Any thoughts on how I can silence the nasty negative thoughts and do the work on this webinar? This is excruciating. :/