Procrastination on Job Applications

I’m unemployed and procrastinating heavily on completing job applications. I have a lot of negative thoughts about the prospect of a new job and self-critical thoughts about my ability to do well and keep a ‘good’ job.

C: Unemployed
T: I’m not good enough
F: Discouraged
A: Feel exhausted, avoid my job search activities, get distracted from my job search, ruminate about things that went ‘badly’ in the past, ruminate about things that could go ‘wrong’ in the future. Avoid doing the work, make excuses for why things won’t work out, buffer with Netflix and snacks.
R: I create the experience of not being good enough

C: Job search
T: I don’t want to do this job search
F: Angry
A: Think of other things to fill my time, avoid calendaring or searching for job descriptions, don’t apply for jobs I have chosen to apply for, think of reasons I don’t want to do the job search, don’t do the job search, buffer with food and Netflix
R: I create hurdles to achieving what I want

C: Job search
T: If I get a new job I could fail
F: Fear
A: Think of ways that my new job could go poorly. Avoid completing job applications, think of ways I failed in past positions, buffer with Netflix and food, avoid taking actions that will help me find a job.
R: I create the experience of failure in my job search

C: Job search
T: I can apply for jobs even when I feel scared or uncomfortable
F: Calm
A: Search for jobs, write cover letters, do my models, allow myself to apply for jobs imperfectly, schedule my time, give myself a break for having negative feelings, breathe
R: I decide to apply for jobs and feel my feelings

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