Procrastination – So Fed Up With It

I’ve had a procrastination issue for over 30 years.

I’ve had three master ‘s degrees (still don’t know how I did it with my procrastination habits) so I can achieve results. But I keep struggling with it in my personal life (still overweight, still haven’t saved enough to get a loan to buy a house). I have so many things I want to achieve, but I see my life passing by without making my dreams come true.

In my career (I work for an NGO which was actually one of my goals) I struggle as well with procrastination. Each time I have a new project or assignment, I keep putting it off until the last minute although I know I’m capable of getting the result I want.

I keep thinking that I can’t do it, that the result won’t be good enough and it creates a bunch of stress to me inside and outside the office hours.

I’m following MHO, but I don’t know how to address this habit of procrastinating everything in my life.