I did a model on my procrastination (something that has improved a lot but is still an reoccurring issue)

C Business tasks/projects
T it wont matter
F apathetic
A procrastination

I’m a bit confused by my thought because, I know that part of me DOES think it matters, otherwise, why would I view my procrastination as an unwanted A line that I want to change?

I asked myself why I think it won’t matter and this was my thought download:

“I haven’t identified how specific actions are tied to specific results. It I don’t know if it will be effective, then I am not motivated. I want to know that my actions will create the results I want (increased sales revenue). And even if I do know that my actions will create results, I don’t know when or to what degree. My mind doesn’t like that ambiguity. It’s not exciting enough. My level of work doesn’t vary that much and yet my sales revenue fluctuates which leads me to believe that it’s affected by things outside of my control. I wish I had a blueprint I could follow and get the result I want. I haven’t yet found what actions will be most effective in making my desired result inevitable.”