Productivity :)

Thank you for the great podcast on productivity, especially about cleaning up our thinking.

“clean up your negative thinking about what you are going to produce. Your brain will always tell you negative things.. therefore plan on it. your brain tells you not to do the good things for yourself. learn to override your thinking.”

this will be a huge next skill for me to learn.

my next new high level thoughts for this month are :
I make lots and lots of good things happen. I am intentional with my time. I am productive. I am efficient.
I take the time to clean up my thoughts before I begin an activity.

C. patents
T. I hate this. It is such crap. These are not even my ideas. I am doing the work for other people. This is stealing me my time for my life and my creativity. I hate this so much.
F. angry, unmotivated
A. Stuck
R. still not getting them done

C. patents
T. Altho some of these ideas are not mine, I am bringing new ideas and clarity to the patents, and they are much better now that I am focusing on them..
F. neutral
A. moving slowly
R. still not getting them done as fast as I want

C. patents
T. If I finish this patent on ei-ci sources today, and send off to Matt by 5 PM, then I will get myself a mani-pedi this weekend
F. ok, I can buy that, not unmotivated
A. get to work!!!
R. getting one patent off my list today

C. patents
T. By following through on the plan for today I also can be really proud of myself to know I make good things happen even when its not exactly the thing that makes me soar
F. ok, that too, I feel like I want to make myself happy and make good things happen
A. get to work!!!
R. getting one patent off my list today and be proud of myself for doing so