Productivity and Motherhood

Hi Brooke,

I just listened to your “productivity” podcast for the 2nd time, and wanted to ask you a follow-up question. You mention how important it is to make motherhood about productivity/creating something rather than just passing the time, which I totally agree with and feel like I do a fairly good job with quite a bit of the time. However, when you start asking yourself, “do they really need to eat every day?” you’ve probably developed some significant thought errors around the repetitive tasks of raising young children that is depleting your energy. 🙂 So, my guess is I need to start thinking more along the lines of eating time is a time to chat about interesting things, teaching manners, reviewing “sight words’ on the refrigerator, etc. because I want to produce children that know to engage in conversation, and our well-mannered. If you have any other ideas for intentional thoughts around eating times, bath time, bed time, I’d love to hear them.

Thank you.