I am wanting to redirect the focus and energy I have spent on eating and social media to my business and other goals. I keep having the thought that if I do too much and don’t do one thing at a time, I will burnout. Putting as much time and effort as I have into food and social media has been exhausting but that makes sense to me due to the fact that it has negative consequences. I am afraid that I am using my dreams/goals as buffers as well because I get really anxious and overwhelmed when I work on them. I set a constrained time to two hours a day and I just feel like I am not seeing the results I want.

The goal is ultimately redirecting this massive amount of time and energy to my dreams/goals, but I am afraid of overworking myself. This is a problem because then I will burnout and give up.

C: I have 8 hours scheduled on my calendar per week for my goals
T: I will over work myself until I give up
F: Afraid
A: Evaluate how much time I’m spending on my goals. Judge myself for not working on my goals more. Not work on my goals outside of the time I have scheduled. Rush and panic when working on them. Not spend extra time on them. Procrastinate. Worry about all I have to do.
R: I overwork myself by worrying? I don’t take action ?

I could use some help on my R line.
Thank you.