Productivity and competence follow up

Still struggling with the idea of certain tasks into a small amount of time! You said to imagine that I had a plane to catch, would I get it done. Well, I did have a hard stop time, the SCS call! I absolutely had to stop at 4 pm, so I did. I was able to accomplish about half of what I’d wanted to accomplish. I didn’t get the job done to the point I’d set for myself. Not for want of trying and not for want of focus; I was actively working the whole time. I wonder if this is a little “failure,” something I really tried for and didn’t get.
I just can’t seem to translate the efficiency you speak of into tasks that I’m completely unfamiliar with. The barriers were ones I had not predicted (having to find the paper I needed, finding where the stapler was kept in the school, having to real quick come up with some creative solutions for missing supplies, things like that).
It’s a small thing but I’m giving it meaning because I had tried very hard to work within your framework. I was intentional. I think there’s something to be learned here.