Productivity Drain

When I’m at work, I feel super guilty when I’m not working on a task at any given time. When I think that I should be more productive, I dread getting up in the morning to work because I tell myself work is going to be a non-stop slog. But then I try to give myself a pep talk to say that I can be more focused and productive today, and if I am, I’ll feel accomplished. Also, some of my tasks are tedious and I avoid doing them for as long as possible. This model is keeping me stuck in a loop.

C: Looking at deadlines coming up in the next two weeks
T: I really have to be more productive
F: Pressured
A: Take lots of work breaks, scroll social media, buffer by popping in a load of laundry, debate whether I should drink another cup of coffee, show up late to meetings, put off tedious tasks, fall behind on tasks, take on last-minute sprints to get things done, stay on the computer into the evenings, worry that my boss is onto me, lay around in bed and avoid getting out of bed when I wake up in the morning, don’t get ready for the day before I have to sign on to my computer.
R: Create the same drama day in and day out

Here is the model I’m trying to flesh out
C: Same
T: ?
F: Ease
A: (I can figure this out once I have the thought)
R: More productive during the day without having to catch up on nights and weekends