Professional Meetings

Hello coaches,

I have weekly professional meetings with the team. They last at least 2 hours. I think that it is a total waste of time, that everybody talks for nothing and that nothing useful comes out of it. I feel so frustrated and disempowered because I’m not the one leading the meeting. At the end of the meeting, I’m exhausted and irritated. It takes me some time to calm down and be able to focus again on my work.

My unintentional model is:

C: professional meeting
T: this meeting is totally useless
F: frustrated
A: I ruminate, wish I didn’t have this meeting, wish some of my collegues wouldn’t have verbal diarrhea, don’t participate much
R: I waste my time

I don’t know how to change my thought about it. People talk about their lives during the meeting…

Maybe I should just accept that meetings will be very long?

Can you please help me on this?