Professor Compare and Despair

Hi coaches. For the first time, I’m teaching at the university level and (not for the first time) comparing myself to colleagues. How do these look to you? Working on being the watcher instead of trying to believe quickly that I’m just as good as he is and am capable and amazing when I truly believe he’s cooler/better than me and the students like him more. lol

C Colleague
T He’s better than me
F Dumb
A Think about how he’s better than me
R I don’t put the work in to prepare for my class

C Colleague
T I’m thinking the thought “He’s better than me”
F A little bit settled
A Focus on preparing for my class
R I show up in the class as myself

C Colleague
T I’m capable, too
F Empowered
A Prepare and feel like a badass
R I show up confident and excited to teach