Profound game changer


I joined in April. Have been across the board on motivation, participation, self doubt and getting in my own way. I have also found incredible insight, positive change and support.

Tonite was the last night my darling 9 year old step daughter (who i have been blessed with since she was 18 mo) will spend with our family in Michigan before returning to her mom in Denver for the school year. We are lucky to spend summers and 2 holiday breaks per year with her. She is an amazing kid and a great big sister. I just love her to pieces, but despite the joy, summers have been filled with so much pressure to make everyone happy.

As I write in my daily journal pages from scs, I realize that for a while now, when filling in my models for the day, I (more often than not) now seem to be living my intentional model. I have to imagine/remember the unintentional model. My models for the evening on her leaving are:

Intentional T: i’m so grateful for all the times we had this summer.
F: Joyful
A: pour love and fun into our day
R: we had a beautiful time together, cooking, swimming, playing with family.

My unintentional T (which I have lived 3 times a year since we moved here) I hate her leaving and wish I could change it.
F: Helpless
A: Worried about her and our other kids and put so much pressure on our last days.
R: Don’t enjoy the final time together.

Not only do I see the day as such a gift, but I feel this whole summer we (she and I) had a breakthrough. Instead of feeling stressed and insecure, I have been more relaxed, open and honest with her. Even on tough days (let’s be real, I have a 1,3 and 6 year old and sometimes it’s rough) we have navigated it better. And I feel more connected to her this summer than I maybe ever have.

I am sad, and allowing the sadness of her departure but I am so very grateful for all the beauty and love I have been able to experience. I credit so much of my own work in your program to helping me get here. Thanks a million!

Lots of love here to share!