This Program is AH-MAZE-ING. BOOM.

Long-time listener, first time scholar-er. I just want to give a heartfelt thank you. I am an actress and I have a 30-Day goal of finishing 20 pages on a screenplay that I abandoned. I am on track to do that, but what has been amazing to me is how much that goal has fed OTHER areas of my life. I finally addressed notes on a pilot script I had been waffling on, I’m keeping my commitments to workout (the ole glutes are pretty pissed about that, by the way) and in my Auditions I have been SO MUCH more relaxed because I’m focusing the VALUE I have to offer to the people in the room. So entering the room with that mindset has not only made me an even more delightful person (!), it’s made me less attached to the result of booking the job. Because now the result is me knowing my OWN value and if they go a different way with the casting (which certainly happens a lot) I’m not taking it personally. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW @#$%^&*(! (That’s me blowing my own mind, by the way.)

So, seriously. THANK YOU. Excited I took the leap and so looking forward to more.

-Irene in HOLLYWOOD, baby!