Okay so you said 6 weeks for a program.

I feel limited in creating a weight loss program that short.

How does this work?

Would I just have multiple 6 week programs?

I see a lot of people offering 1:1 coaching programs that are 6 months long.

I want to offer my clients guidance with:

Overeating – through eating Whole Foods, listening to their body

Mindset – to break through limiting beliefs that keep them unhappy in their body.

Exercise – teaching them to add in some form of exercise they will enjoy each day

Theres more to each of those but that’s the basis of them.

Would those all be separate programs ?

If we talk about over eating, I would break them down into weekly lessons

Week 1: Eating When you’re hungry
Week 2: Stopping at Satisfied
Week 3: Protein and Veggies
Week 4: Healthy Fats and Complex Carbs
Week 5: Dealing with emotional triggers
Week 6: Water intake

The order of those is still undecided.

I still feel there are other factors with overeating that I could be excluding.

The reason I’m so opposed to a 6 week program is because I think there’s more than just those few up there for each issue I’m trying to solve.

I’ve been taugh how to break down the end goal into small actionable steps, which is why I can’t wrap my head around trying to make his shorter than say a 10 week program.

My worry is that they need more than 6 weeks for it.

Week 1 may take them 2 weeks, depending on the client. Trying to push the client into the next step when they aren’t fully grasping the 1st one doesn’t feel very good.