Hi Brooke!
Stepping out of social anxiety disorder, I created a semi-public blog in a safe space- I am a member of a for-fee weight loss, food diary group- The name of the blog is “The Mind Side of Weight Loss” and topics will be neuroplasticity, the role of thought, self talk, perspective, neural networks, brain evolution, etc. And the first thing I posted about after the intro was Brooke Castillo’s Model and a discussion and example of CTFAR, and suggested that people look you up on-line. (LOL making sure the thought line matched the result line)
So I have publicly introduced your work to this on line weight loss community. At least two other people are interested in contributing to this blog, and both of them are working with depression and food issues.

Also, I am considering 🙂 completely letting go of worrying about what others think of my work or how they criticize me when I make a mistake- because contribution is so important. I am thinking, I probably make mistakes 50% of the time, and that’s ok, because i’ll just become more and more productive so that I still get it right a lot of the time.

Still working it, working on developing a very open and as truthful as possible relationship with self, will continue to practice feeling the feelings and pointing my thoughts towards full-on contribution,