progress report – one month in

I decided to make a point to interact with you once a week to get the most out of this year-long program! No questions this week so here’s an update!

I devoured the Overeating workshop as soon as I registered in March and loved it! I realized quickly that everything you taught also applied to smoking, so the first thing I did was focus on quitting (am now four weeks smoke-free). Learning to just feel the craving and watch it pass (T = withdrawal is uncomfortable but temporary) instead of trying to buffer it out (by eating) caused the realization that for the last 20 years, I’ve been volleying between smoking and eating, eating and smoking. If I wanted a cigarette but couldn’t have one, I’d eat. If I wanted to eat but was trying to “diet”, I’d smoke. The two habits were so intertwined for me and my inability to see that was not serving me at all.

This April, I’ve really implemented the time management practices, scheduling time and just making sure I show up for myself. I don’t think I’ve ever been as productive as I have this month. It’s fantastic.

Now that I’ve stopped looking for pleasure in cigarettes and food and have created a productive schedule for myself, I am finding SO MUCH JOY in my life. It’s been there all along but I didn’t see it because I was so focused on the buffer that I didn’t even need (and that’s okay – the timing of this is perfect.) I go for walks and read books without feeling a lick of guilt because my work is done and my downtime is on the calendar and I honor my commitments :). This makes me more relaxed which is having a hugely positive impact on my relationships.

So that’s all. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!