Progress Report

Just wanted to share a bit of a win for me. On October 1st, I reluctantly started the process of cleaning out closets, office, desk, etc. It was HARD!
Despite asking myself the 3 questions, I found myself putting back things that failed those questions miserably, telling myself I would review in two weeks. Well, it’s 2 weeks, and I started to go through some of the things I had kept. I kept a folder full of college papers from 1998, something I haven’t looked over since 1998ish. Well, I didn’t even need to ask those questions, I knew they were going and with little effort on my part. Then I found papers from my first paid and in some cases non-paying writing jobs, also circa late 90s, that haven’t been looked upon since about then (in part because I had so much disorganized stuff I couldn’t find anything even if I wanted to). Two weeks ago, I thought, I should really keep all of this. This is a nice part of my past. Today, I recycled everything and felt good about it! I can’t believe it! I always had such a hard time getting rid of things, hence the 20+ years of stuff! I’m going to continue “reviewing,” with a new-found confidence in myself, but I’m so glad that I’m learning the value of less stuff in just a few weeks. I may never have done this without SCS. Just wanted to share and thank you so much for your support:)