Progress & The Work

Hello there! I am in my first month of Scholars and spend quite a bit of time daily listening to podcasts, filling out handouts, watching videos etc. I am focused on my mental health and then I will move in to my business.

My main goal with mental health is to focus on loving myself better, choosing confidence, limiting my people pleasing, and un-looping thought loops.
I am wondering at what point will I know that I love myself enough to move on to the next like my business growth.?
I want to at some point move into business because COVID-19 took my career out for 6 months and now I am rebuilding to survive basically, ugh! So this is important as well.

Honestly, this seems like a lifelong journey of self awareness and I am ok with that, but how do I know it is working or how do I know if I am trying too hard to fix myself vs allowing the flow of growing and learning more beneficial thoughts?

Am I making sense?!