Proof for "I do everything around here!"

Hey SCS team! I have a question about how Brooke says that results always provide evidence for our thought. Here’s a recent model…

C: husband asked what he should eat for dinner while I’m at work
T: I have to do everything for him!
F: resentment
A: I make him a sandwich and then hole up in my office, avoid him, and buffer.
R: I don’t do my coaching/I don’t do anything for me.

Can you help me see the connection to how this R proves my T? Just trying to really dig into my models!

But for what it’s worth, we have a great marriage thanks to this (and many, many other) aligned model:

C: husband asked…
T: It’s nice to help out.
F: loving
A: make him sandwich and spend evening together.
R: Life is nice!

This R definitely proves my T, so I see that happen often, but not every time.