Prosperous coach concepts

Hi Brooke!

I am working toward becoming a coach–currently exploring strategies, certifications and niches.

I have an idea of my niche (need to refine/detail) and have started a podcast that has been very well received so far, and I plan to use that to validate my niche and build my know like and trust.

I read the prosperous coach and resonated with the concepts. In particular I like the idea of only getting clients though invitation or referral, and also starting with a deep 1-2 hour coaching conversation before we decide to work together or not.

From what I’ve seen of coaches that have been through the LCS, and your podcast on becoming a life coach, that’s different from what you recommend they do. They seem to recruit potential clients through freebies and offer free 20-minute sessions as a first contact.

Can you speak to the differences you see between the two approaches, and what you think of both, in broad strokes?

Thank you so much in advance for your insights.