Protesters outside my house – not peaceful

I am exhausted and need to sleep.
Had other important TDL and models to do as about to go to sleep so did the tdl and 5-6 models instead – found a lot of great things need further coaching on…. will do in private session.
But then protesters started up outside my house. Loud. On megaphone. Loud bass and music and screaming.
5th day in a row.
While I’m for peaceful assembly this is not peaceful.
My doors and windows are shit and its disrupting my sleep and my sanity.
I need sleep. Then I can do even more models on this stuff and choose different thoughts but
I think I’m doing good considering its the 5th day in a row and it happens off/on regularly —-
I lay for my house to sleep in and can’t sleep.

I’m sure a coach would say do tdl and models but I’m exhausted and need to take care of myself and sleep and then I can do more plus I just did 5.

How would you coach me on this?