Here’s what I’m thinking:

breakfast: matcha with cream
lunch: pre-made soup – I make three amazing kinds, creamy chicken wild rice, cabbage roll soup, pot roast with juices, and sweet potato. this way I can just grab it and go, no issues. This is the easiest thing to do on a workday. I’ll probably expand this to include more soups, or maybe some days I’ll make this an omelet, but I’ll commit it the day before. Generally, it’s one protein, unlimited veggies, and an optional carb and dairy
dinners: one protein, unlimited veggies with butter or oil, and optional carb, and optional fruit for a dessert

I think also that I am allowed to have alcohol if I commit it 24 hours before. I can have one mixed drink or prosecco or vodka soda. I’ll record it all and I will weigh myself every day.

Is this too loosey-goosey and is there a way to clean it up?

If I make it so I can’t drink I won’t follow it so I’m trying to find a way to make it work.