Protocol and hunger/fullness

Hi, I have started reading Brooke’s book and adopted the method to eat from -2 to +2 on the hunger scale. I love it, and I began to choose whatever felt good to me, eat it consciously, and recognise when I am full. This way nothing has been restricted and I am only fuelling my body as it requires. I started a week ago and am down 5 pounds already.
Then I joined Scholars this week and have been diving into the weight loss material. I am confused about what to put in my protocol and planning it ahead of time, as my new way of eating kind of intuitively doesn’t restrict any food and I don’t know what amounts of food I will be eating to be full. So I am now in drama about this! Can my protocol be as loose as ‘eat what you want when -2, stop eating at +2’? That doesn’t seem to fit with planning ahead.
I think a lot of ‘am I doing this properly’ thoughts are surfacing from previous years of diet trauma. I just want to get into ease around this!