Protocol and IF Question

I started in April with tracking and my eating protocol, it’s a 5 hour eating window right now between 1-6 pm. I lost 12 WHOLE pounds in the first half of the month – yay!! I’ve noticed in the past week (the scale hasn’t moved in the last two weeks) I have NOT been hungry for my second meal during my eating window. I’ve been eating any way, but when I eat a good lunch I really don’t want dinner. Should I eat dinner? Make the meals smaller and fit two in? I’ve been eating 8-10 ounces of veggies, 3-4 ounces of protein, and 4 tbls of fat at each meal. Twice a week I’ll ad some fat to my coffee as well. This question was asked in reverse during the advanced class just posted, but wanted to clarify about the lack of hunger being at the end of the eating window instead of the beginning. Thanks in advance! Meagan