Protocol and skipping meals

I’ve been writing down my protocol for 2 1/2 weeks now. There have been a few days where I did not get the chance to eat lunch so I skipped that meal and went straight to dinner. There are also a few days where I put too much on my protocol and I was at a +2-4 on the hunger scale so I stopped eating and did not eat the additional items because I was too full.

I was listening to the urge jar videos and about how I had to follow my protocol 100%.

Here are my questions:
-if I skip a meal that I planned to eat because it’s closer to dinnertime by the time I get the chance to eat, what does that mean for being in compliance of my protocol?
-do I have to plan fasts (skipping lunch or dinner) 24 hours in advance as well?
-Is not eating food in my protocol that I have listed because I’m too full considered a protocol “deviation”?
-is not eating food because I do not desire them (and not subbing with something else) considered a protocol deviation?