Protocol and the brain.

I started stop over eating 12 days ago. I didn’t eat to much sugar and flour so the transition was fairly easy to no sugar flour. The first 8-10 days were surprisingly easy. I’ve been blown away by how my body feels and how much food i actually need to eat vs how much more i was eating before.
I generally have been eating a lot of soup and a large leafy salad with table spoon of fat.
Fasting until about noon and not eating after 8pm.
The ‘fun’ has ended so-to-say.
I feel like my brain is holding fast on to the pathways that are left since the past few days my brain has been like ‘oh…this is going on longer than i like…so here’s a list of reasons why you’re not eating enough and why popcorn is a good idea’. I’ve been eating on protocol still regardless and being gentle with myself.
I’ve been getting headaches lowish energy and lightheaded-ness (the lightheadedness actually isn’t uncommon for me, but it’s been a bit more) Which I respond to with more fluids which seems to help.

Is this all normal? It sort of reminds me of when i quit drinking coffee and black teas. I was super tired for two weeks and didn’t think about caffeine and then one day near the end i NEEDED CAFFEINE but didn’t give in. The next day i was totally awake and haven’t thought about caffeine since. I’m really hoping it’s just a something I have to wait out.

Should i simply keep experimenting with different foods to see what works the best? How long do you suggest trying a food out before you switch? Daily? Weekly?

One last question: Last night i put some tablespoon of coconut oil in my pot of ginger tea, would that break my fast?

Thank you in advance!