Protocol changes and Christmas plan- please HELP

“Brooke ,
I have Insuline Resistance, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto. I started on Oct , I lost 10 pounds in 2,5 months. I have
59 pounds to loose. I eat 3 meals daily . I eat vegetables, meat, fat. I eat first meal at 11 am , lunch 3-4 pm, dinner around 7 pm (8 hours eating window) – introduced according to your last advice.
Below please find my food journal and questions.
Weight 96,4 kg
12 am 2 boilled eggs, half of avocado, half of tomato, small onion plus bulletproof coffee
5 PM 3 oz of beef , salad, dressing
9 PM tomato with 1oz of cheese
Weight 95,8 ( -4,9 kg = – 10,8 lb)
11 am vegetable soup, 1 oz sardines in oil 2 oz white cheese, zBulletproof Coffee
4pm soup
7 PM 2 oz hering , cooked beets , onion , 2 oz beans, sour cream , mayonnaise
9 am boiled eggs and salad, olive oil buletproof coffee
3 PM vegetable soup with 1 oz of pork
8 PM fish soup
11 am green salad and 2 oz of yellow cheese
5 PM potatoes with butter, tomatoes with onion and sourcream, 4 oz of Chicken breast
7 PM beets soup
96,3 kg
11 am 2 oz of ham , green salad , dressing bulletproof coffee
4 PM
200 ml of joghurt
5.30 PM
Fried Chicken 4 oz, couliflower with butter

Next week I planned and added 2 tbsp of grains daily and this experiment ended with my weight up to 96,8. Next three days I was in Paris eating according to previous protocol (protein and vege, fat) for each meal and I planned a glass of wine everyday (once I had 2 glasses). I ate once a banana. Surprisingly weight go down to 95,3 kg ( – 1,5 kg /3,3 lb). The only difference was, that I walked about 4 km daily. I came home – I stick to the protocol ( no wine) and in one day I gain 0,8 kg / 1,8 lb to 96,1 kg. Is it water? So I am back to the Dec,2. I would like to ask you for help and advice …What should I do to start loosing again? I lost my ability to predict what can work for me – maybe I should make smaller than recommended portions? add more exercising ? ( I usually have 2-3 classes of aquaerobic a week)
C: my weight is up and down for 2 lb for last 3 weeks.
T: tried different approach to protocol, not working
F: frustration
A: keep the meat, fat, vege protocol, search for the new ideas
R: the same weight

Christmas plan – to the “normal protocol” I would like to add 1,5 glass of wine daily and 3 oz of cake (no sugar, no flower).
At Christmas Eve I will add 3 tbsp of grains. Is it ok?

Please let me know, how to plan protocol for this week to really loose weight before Christmas. All the best for you and your family!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!