Protocol confusion

Dear Brooke
I admit that I’m indulging in confusion around what foods to put in my protocol. The foods that I tended to overeat were high in fat (mostly dairy and meat). And I also think I had difficulty digesting those foods. So in January I started a whole food, plant based diet with no flour, sugar, or oils. It was difficult at first but after a few weeks I was feeling pretty good and had lost about 5 pounds and my digestive issues were gone. Then I got really busy, had to travel for work, dealt with family emergencies, etc. and I just found it really hard to maintain this diet when I wasn’t at home and preparing everything for myself. While I’ve continued to avoid animal products, I have been eating some flour, sugar, and oil over the past two months or so, mostly out of convenience. And now I’m right back where I started with weight and GI distress. So I’m thinking it’s not the dairy or meat but the processed food that’s the problem. Or maybe it’s both, and I should go back to the strict whole food, plant based diet and just figure out how to make it work. Then I watched Brooke’s video on her protocol and thought that looks so simple. Maybe I should just eat protein, vegetables and healthy fats? My mind keeps going in circles on what to do and I can’t decide what is best for me. Even when I do decide, I change my mind the next day. I think I’m struggling with doing something that sounds easier and that I’m more likely to be able to stick to vs. what I think might be better for me in the long run. What do you think? Thank you.