Protocol corrections and fasting

Brooke ,
I have Insuline Resistance, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto and I had severe hypoglicemia incidents .
I started on Oct , I lost 7 pounds in 5 weeks and got plateau. I have 59 pounds to loose. I ate 3 meals daily . I was afraid of prolonging fasting because of hypoglicemia. You recommended to me excluding fruits. I did that and also switch to 2 meals with 5-6 hour of eating window. I do not eat grains also. I eat vegetables, meat, fat.
After 1st week withno fruits I lost 2 pounds (wow!!) and next week nothing happened. I exercise Aquaerobic (45 min ) 3-4 times a week.
When I have my morning aerobic classes I think I have to eat breakfast before. Next day when at home – I ate first meal at 12 am or even 4 pm . Below please find my food journal and questions.
Food journal:
WEIGHT 96,5 KG ( – 4.2 kg = 9, 25 lbs from Oct,1)
10 am booletproof coffee with 1tbs og ghee and 1 tsp of coconut oil
No hunger at all
16 PM 4 oz of meat, salad with 1 tbs olive
21 PM 4 oz ground meat , salad with 1 tsp of oil, vege,

10 am green vege blended and 1 tbspoon of olive oil plus bulletproof coffee
17 PM 6 oz ham , green salad, 1 tbsp of mayonnaise
9 PM vegetable soup 200 ml ( I felt very weak after exercising)
Weight 96,4 kg
12 am 2 boilled eggs, half of avocado, half of tomato, small onion plus bulletproof coffee
18 pm 3oz of pork gulash, salad with 1 Tbsp olive
1. Is it ok to change from one day to another beakfast time for few hours? so it will be “moving eating window”?
2. is it at least 5 hour difference between meals requested (insuline drop?)
3.Latelly, I read that bulletproof coffee should include ghee(1tbs) and coconut oil (1tsp) proportion 2:1. Should I reduce fat in it ?
before I made it with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil only, and it worked.
4. Do you recommend excercising while fasting in the morning, or should I change my excersise for afternoon? or maybe I can eat my green vege coctail and coffee and go?
5. Is bulletproof coffee breaking fasting?
6. what “small” food is allowed and do not brake fasting?
7. I made very ambitious / big goal of loosing 59 pounds till July, 2 (2018) and I did latelly discovered that with the speed of 4 pounds per month it will not happened – and advice … I love your December podcast ..define your impossible dream .. :-))
All the best, thank you