Protocol eating while on a cruise

Hi Brooke! I am on my weight loss journey and about 2 weeks ago decided to eat per the protocol because I was hungry ALL THE TIME, like genuinely hungry, it was torture. I have adapted very quickly to intermittent fasting and eating twice a day. The weight loss is awesome, but the part that I love is the new found focus, energy and that I am barely hungry.

Here is my question. Next week I am going on a 4 day cruise. Not your average cruise, is a music festival which means I am on my feet all day and walking from on end to the ship about 15 times a day. Needless to say I tend to get pretty hungry. My plan is to still eat up to a maximum of 3 times a day, only when I’m hungry and continue eating veggies, protein and fat. My question falls in the eating window and fasting times. Right now I only eat between 12pm-8pm. I know I might choose to eat outside these hours in order to not miss any of the performances since the best ones tend to be between 11am-9pm back to back. Will that affect my results with my current schedule? Do you have any tips for this?

Thank you so much!