Protocol / Fasting question tzv

I’ve just completed the Stop Overeating workshop and am starting my protocol and have a few questions. I can fast until 11am or noon each day without a problem. On the days I’m working, if I eat a big meal for lunch (veggies, protein, fat) I get tired afterwords… Think, food coma. It’s way worse if I have carbs, so eliminating that is a huge help, but in general, it’s the AMOUNT of food that makes me tired + sluggish. So, for this reason, I’ve gotten into the habit of eating a serving of nuts and a small piece of protein (like: sliced turkey, etc.) at noon. Possibly a piece of fruit. It’s not at all a filling meal but it satisfies hunger, and keeps me alert to power through the workday.

However, around 4pm I’m hungry again. It’s clearly because I didn’t eat enough but I’m not sure how to navigate not feeling sluggish and a new protocol.

My eating times are typically noon and 7:30pm…. Is it an acceptable protocol to keep a smallish lunch and then an… appetizer (?) around 5 or 6pm? I usually don’t get home and start cooking until after 7 so that’s why dinner is on the later side.

Or do I need to just commit to eating a bigger lunch?

Thanks for your help.