Protocol Food Quantity

I am 42 year old woman, 5’2”, and I currently weigh 131 lbs. I would like to get down to 115 lbs. I have exercised regularly for majority of my adult years, and have good muscle definition. I would like to blast off the layer of fat that’s hiding it. I just Amazon’d a food scale and really want to focus on portion control and no ass grabs./snacking urges. I am flour/sugar free. Can you suggest protein / veg ounces for my current weight and goal? Also, how many Tbs of fat per meal? Do I count nuts in a salad as a fat or protein? And what would be a sensible portion size? If my lunch were to include celery and a sugar free almond butter – is that ok? I wasn’t sure Brooke’s thoughts on nut butters/if they were compliant. Also Is avocado categorized as a fat or veg? If fat, would I equate I/4 of an avocado to 1 Tbs oil ? Thanks for your help!